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NDT Services
Open Vision X-Ray

 Real Time X-Ray Testing  

Graviteq is proud to offer Australia's only Real Time x-ray service for the detection of CUI.


Real Time X-Ray is an advanced method of inspection used in the detection of CUI (corrosion under insulation) over large spans.  It’s ability to detect corrosion under insulation saves the need to completely remove the lagging to perform inspections. It feeds real time x-ray images to a camera that can also be recorded as a video for permanent records.

Combined with rope access will literally save hundreds of thousands of dollars in inspection and maintenance campaigns

A rope access team of 3 licensed operators would work through Isometric drawings of pressure pipework susceptible to CUI. 

Areas identified to contain CUI would be recommended for insulation removal to identify remaining wall thickness, coating rectification and then re-instatement of insulation / cladding.

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