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IRATA Course Overview

This course is an entry-level course and specifies the outcomes required to carry out Rope Access work as an IRATA Level 1 under the IRATA training and certification scheme.

An IRATA level 1 rope access technician shall be capable of performing a limited range of rope access tasks required by his or her employers, under the supervision of an IRATA level 3 rope access technician. He/she is:


  • responsible for inspections of all his/her own personal rope access equipment;

  • able to assist in rigging and non-standard operations, under the guidance of a higher grade;

  • able to undertake a rescue involving descent by him/herself and have a knowledge of hauling systems.

NOTE     A level 1 rope access technician is not allowed to supervise others


  • Candidates must be over 18 years of age

  • be physically and mentally prepared to work at height.

  • A moderate level of fitness is advised due to the physical nature of the training.


On arrival to your training course, you are required to complete a statement of medical condition (IRATA Form 014R below). Should a medical contra-indication be identified a medical clearance certificate is required prior to course attendance.

Prerequisites - IRATA Form 014R

Health and Fitness Self-Declaration


Rope access at altitude or depth is an intrinsic component of training and assessment. Therefore, candidates should be physically fit and unaffected by any medical condition that may prevent them from undertaking their training requirements or performing manoeuvres required during assessment.


Candidates are required to declare that they do not have any medical conditions or contra-indications that may prevent them from working safely. Principal contra-indications to working at height include (but are not limited to):

  • prescribed medication;

  • alcohol or drug dependence;

  • diabetes, high or low blood sugar;

  • high or low blood pressure;

  • epilepsy, fits or periods of unconsciousness, e.g. blackouts;

  • vertigo, giddiness or difficulty with balance;

  • heart disease or chest pain;

  • impaired limb function;

  • musculoskeletal issues, e.g. back pain;

  • psychiatric illness;

  • obesity;

  • fear of heights;

  • sensory impairment, e.g. blind, deaf.


If a candidate has a contra-indicated condition (listed above or otherwise), he/she shall obtain a medical certificate from a medical doctor to provide to the member company providing the training to confirm that the condition does not prevent that person from performing a rope access assessment or rope access work activities.


The medical certificate should clearly identify the individual’s (name, date of birth, address), provide confirmation of their fitness to undertake rope access and related activities, and the name and contact details of the doctor providing the confirmation.


Please inform your trainer asap if you think you cannot attend this course.

IRATA Duration

The IRATA Level 1 course duration is five (5) days, depending on assessor availability course can be extended for a total of six (6) days.

Course delivery

IRATA Level 1 is carried out at our specialist facilities in Perth and Brisbane (Loganholme). Upon arrangement, training courses can be conducted on premises of industrial Clients providing there are suitable structures to meet strict training requirements.

IRATA Assessment

An Independent Assessor will carry out an assessment on the last day of training. Candidates will be assessed on all aspects stated in the Training and certification scheme for Level 1. Candidates will either pass or fail the course depending on outlined criteria.

Completion Award

Upon a successful assessment, candidates will be issued an internationally recognised IRATA Level 1 certification. Once awarded an IRATA certificate is valid for three (3) years.


IRATA Level 1 revalidation courses are a minimum five (5) days.

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Level 1 Sample questions

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IRATA Level 1

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IRATA Level 1

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IRATA Level 1

Level 1 videos

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