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Course Overview

This course is a Lead Technician course and specifies the outcomes required to carry out Rope Access work as an IRATA Level 2 under the IRATA Training and Certification Scheme (TACS).

A level 2 rope access technician shall be capable of rigging working ropes, undertaking rescues and performing rope access tasks (under the supervision of an IRATA level 3 rope access technician).  He/she should have some knowledge of legislation, safety requirements and quality assurance procedures relating to rope access.


The IRATA Level 2 course duration is five (5) days, depending on assessor availability course can be extended for a total of six (6) days.


TACS 4.3 Pre-training requirements: upgrading to Level 2
TACS 4.3.1 Candidates applying to upgrade shall be competent in all practical and theory requirements
of their current level prior to attendance of an upgrade course, e.g. an existing Level 1 attending a Level
2 course shall be capable of performing all Level 1 techniques and answering Level 1 theory questions
prior to the start of a Level 2 course.
TACS 4.3.2 Candidates who are not competent at their existing level may require additional training. As
little time is available on upgrade courses for refresher training, pre-course evaluation is recommended
to verify the candidates’ current level of competence.
TACS 4.3.3 Candidates seeking to upgrade shall ensure that:
a) their current certification is still valid on the day of assessment;
b) they have the necessary 1 years’ experience and 1000 working hours recorded and signed off in
their logbook. See TACS 4.13 for more details on logbooks.

On arrival to your training course, you are required to complete a statement of medical condition (IRATA Form 014R below). Should a medical contra-indication be identified a medical clearance certificate is required prior to course attendance.


On rare occasions, failure to complete any of the pre-requisites above could lead to re-validating at the same level or downgrading. 

Log Book Requirements

Candidates 1,000 hours logbook and 12 months experience of IRATA Rope Access at Level 1. Correctly completed logbook is to be presented on Day 1 of training. No logbook = No Assessment.

Course Delivery

IRATA Level 2 is carried out at Site Skills Training specialist facilities in Perth and Brisbane (Loganholme). Upon arrangement, training courses can be conducted on premises of industrial Clients providing there are suitable structures to meet strict training requirements.


An Independent Assessor will carry out an assessment on the last day of training. Candidates will be assessed on all aspects stated in the Training and Certification Scheme for Level 2. Candidates will either pass or fail the course depending on outlined criteria.

Completion Award

Upon a successful assessment, candidates will be issued an internationally recognised IRATA Level 2 certification. Once awarded an IRATA certificate is valid for three (3) years.



IRATA Level 2 revalidation courses are a minimum five (5) days.

Refund policy

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