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IRATA Rope Access Training‎ | Australia

Graviteq Pty Ltd provide IRATA Rope Access Training‎. Graviteq Rope access have extensive experience providing rope access trade services and an impeccable safety record. Our teams are known for their quick response to problem solving, high level of rope access, supervisory and trade skills. All employees are energetic and dedicated. We give 100%. Our team is aimed on the work scope whilst still maintaining safety and quality as a priority. Our rope access workforce are some of the most experienced rope access technicians in the country.

Best IRATA Rope Access Training‎

Rope access training work can only be carried out in a safe, reliable manner when operators are competent, suitably experienced and trained, capable of inspecting and assessing their own equipment and are subject to appropriate levels of supervision.

Rope Access Training

Our World class training facility provides the standardized Rope Access training and certification as per the Guidelines of IRATA Rope Access Training‎ - the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association. The training will be carried out by the highly skilled Rope Access training personnel with L3 (I) certification; who have thousands of hour’s logged experience in Rope Access. Independent assessments are mandatory for personnel seeking IRATA qualifications as per the IRATA Training Assessment and Certification Scheme.

Candidates who successfully pass the IRATA assessment will be IRATA certified. Being a member of IRATA; Graviteq shall be able to carry out the full range of the Rope Access training.

Your IRATA Rope Access certification will be a boost to your already specialized or general skill set, enabling you to get exposed to a wide spectrum of professional avenues which they can work which cover the maintenance, various inspections, coating, oil & gas, glazing, civil construction, electrical etc...

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