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What is a blended course?


Designed for increased flexibility, Graviteq can deliver our IRATA courses in blended mode: a combination of online (eLearning) and a reduced face-to-face workshop. Blended mode is recommended to anyone with little to no knowledge about industrial rope access.


At Graviteq we're constantly reminded that students become anxious when asked to complete their theory test, so we have created 64 real example questions for your practice. The real exam only consist of 20 selected questions from the above 64.


Course participants first complete the interactive self-paced eLearning component that teaches them the basic principles of IRATA and gives a theoretical knowledge of the skill required for your IRATA face-to-face practical training and assessment.


The fee of this course covers your online component and can be credited toward your face-to-face component. To take full advantage of your eLearning exam, we recommend you undertake an IRATA face-to-face practical training and assessment within 3 months of paying for this IRATA Level 1 blended online component.


The face-to-face practical training and assessment allows participants the opportunity to revise and consolidate knowledge and skills in a group environment, and to apply their skills to specific scenarios.


The average time to complete the online example questions is currently 20 - 40 mins.


To book a full course you can contact us on or visit our website.


The price of this course covers:

1. Our Downloadable handbook

2. A gallery of Level 1 practical videos

3. A link to undertake your exam

4. A link to our upcoming courses


After completing both parts of the course, participants will undertake an assessment to attain their full IRATA certification.

IRATA Level 1 blended online component

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